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Delivering your messages
to your markets.
Delivering your markets
to you.

HJ Linnen puts a wealth of real-world marketing experience at your disposal. Senior professionals with decades of experience provide fully integrated strategies based on established marketing principles and proven marketing practices.

Our people will work with you to develop a marketing program that makes use of all your internal resources and expertise, utilizing both paid and unpaid means to deliver your messages. Because cost is always a factor, we'll ensure you get maximum bang for your buck ... and we'll always be sure you know how many bucks are involved up front.


Driven by creativity.
Defined by success.

On TV Shows, ad agencies usually come up with "the big idea" before the first commercial break. Not surprisingly, things work very differently in the real world.

We know that "the big idea" is the one that works for you. It starts with a thorough assessment of your objectives and target audiences. It reflects your brand. it's part of a strategic advertising plan that looks at all the ways your advertising can reach your target audiences, including new alternatives that can be far less costly than traditional media. It's advertising that will fit your budget — and it will work.

Creating the right buzz
for your business
or organization.

In today's marketplace, promotion can be a factor that defines you. The right promotions build public awareness, position you in the public mind and offer a great return on your investment.

To deliver those benefits, you need targeted promotions that create the right kind of profile and connect you with the right kinds of people. Promotions that are creatively conceived fit with your overall branding and communications, and ensure that all the details are covered.

That's exactly the kind of promotions we develop for our clients ... effective, thorough and managed end-to-end.

Branding and image;
Crafting a brand personality
that reflects the real you.

Branding is much more than your logo and a tag line. It's a process that affects every aspect of your operation and creates the public persona of your business or organization.

Your brand sets you apart from others in the marketplace. Effective branding creates perceptions that build loyalty and enhance your position in your marketplace.

Our proprietary branding process draws on our experience in strategic development, communications, design, creative, market research and public relations to develop a branding program that will create and maintain the right public personality now and in the future.

Public information
and education;
Shaping the public mindset
based on the facts.

All too often, the common wisdom is less than accurate ... but in the public forum, perception is everything. The media, those with opposing viewpoints and "water cooler wisdom" can all have an influence on individual viewpoints.

HJ Linnen Associates will bring a team of senior professionals to the table to shape perceptions for you. Their diverse expertise, practical experience and established networks will build your integrated public information program ... a program that will influence perceptions through fact, ensuring you are heard and understood in the public environment. 

Design and creative;
Making words and pictures
work for you.

At HJ Linnen Associates, we think that awards don't help to meet objectives unless your objective is just to win awards. We believe that "great creative is creative that works."

Our creative team members combine decades of experience with a perpetual interest in emerging trends and technologies. Experience has taught us that the best creative solutions are based on a thorough assessment of your objectives and target audiences. We have a proven track record in developing strong, innovative and results-driven concepts that can be executed with budgets and on time.

We are known for delivering ... and that's a reputation we plan to keep. 

Public relations;
Getting your story out
and making sure it sticks.

You know you have good stories to tell. The challenge is being heard in a highly competitive, cluttered media marketplace.

We understand how to make the media work for you. Our people know what the media are looking for. We know the challenges the news media face today and how to make their lives a bit easier. We know how to package and present your story so it will attract media interest and uptake. Plus, we know how to use the emerging technologies and information channels that offer low cost, high value and can support or even supplant traditional media.


Media planning;
Making sure your message
gets where it needs to go.

When you're buying ad space and time, it's very easy to spend money — and very hard to spend it wisely.

HJ Linnen Associates puts Vice President Lynn Hamilton, the most experienced media professional in Saskatchewan, on your team. Lynn and her media team have the experience to evaluate your media choices and recommend the most cost-effective solutions based on your objectives. Well established relationships with all provincial, regional and national media, plus negotiating skills honed by three decades of experience, ensure you of the biggest bang for your media buck.


Event management;
Marrying creativity
and attention to detail.

Successful events require a marriage of right brain and left brain thinking. Event concepts need to be bold, dynamic and innovative to attract the attention and spark the interest of attendees. The events themselves need to be run with military precision - and require the leadership to instantly adapt the battle plan in the face of changing circumstances.

HJ Linnen Associates has a long history of creating, planning and managing special events. Whether you're looking at news events, trade shows or full-scale, multi-day conferences, we've been there. Our experience will help you avoid pitfalls, think creatively, plan comprehensively and execute a successful event.


Lottery administration