Con Hnatiuk

Con Hnatiuk completed a prestigious career in the public service in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, including the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister positions in the departments of health, social services, community services and corrections prior to joining HJ Linnen Associates.

In social services, Con proposed the concept and led the development of the National Children’s Benefit; and led major reforms in child welfare, including international adoption, open adoption, child advocacy, youth programming; community development and on-reserve Indian child welfare agreements.

In the health department, Con played a leadership role in the creation of the Canadian Blood Service as a response to the national tainted blood scandal.

At the community level, Con has been involved in many organizations, including as a board member of the Regina and District Food Bank, and a senior consultant to a City of Yorkton project to develop a major, centralized facility for community social, housing and education organizations.

Con also has a strong background in education, serving as a teacher, education director and head of the first community college in Saskatchewan. Con holds a Masters of Social Work (UBC) with a focus on administration and community development, a Bachelor of Arts (U. of Winnipeg) and a Teacher’s Certificate.